The NEW Queens BDSM Group Munch reports

Last Updated 11/10/2003
(August 2001)
The new group started out of the ashes of the old Queens group. But we had no munches yet (till October).

(October 2001)
The First Munch of the NEW Queens group went well. A total of seven person showed up. I hope that more will show up next time.

(November 2001) The munch went well, ten people showed up plus two could not come in or to the table (I hope you can all make it in December).

(December 2001) The munch had 3 new people show up.

(January 2002) The munch was great! over a dozen plus showed up, 4 of them for the first time.

(February 2002) The munch will well 5 people (1 new) came (no pun) on February 14th (yes we meet on Valentine's day). A good time was had by all. I hope to see you all at the March munch.

(March 2002) This month was great over 13 (including 5 NEW persons) showed up. Next months munch should be better, see you all there. Remember to please RSVP if you can, if you are go to show up.

(April - June 2002) These munches went very well with between 12-14 (with a few NEW persons) showed up.

(July 2002) This month was great over 15 (including 5 NEW persons - 3 from NJ!) showed up.

(August 2002) The munch was the new groups 1 year anniversary and over 20 of us celebrated with some great cake. Even one of us brought their own from home and it was great.

(September 2002) This month was ok over 12 (including some NEW persons) showed up.

(October 2002) Nothing to report, Yet.

(November 2002) This month was ok over 7 (including some NEW persons) showed up.

(December 2002 - June 2003) We came, we ate, we talked, but nothing to report.

(July 2003 - Oct 2003) Note: On 7/5/03 I fall and broke my leg and missed all the munches till November,
Peggy took over a did a GREAT job running the munch! THANKS PEGGY !!!!! :)
Of course there was NO August 14th munch because of the blackout!

(November 2003) Did not happen yet! Report to come (I hope)

Remember that the munch is always the 2nd Thursday at the Sage Diner.

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